Sunday, October 22, 2006

NEWS - Scratch Massive's New Album

Scratch Massive's new album "TIME" will be in store in the beginning of February, 2007.
"TIME", included "Girls on Top" and a cover of the Cure's "Three imaginary boys".
"TIME" remixes, in vynil. "Shining in my vein" with remixes of Spirit Catcher & Manthraxx.
"Dance" with remixes of Siskid, Inaqui Marin & Sweetlight.
More info soon..

Scratch Massive Dj Mix @ Nouveau Casino - Paris

Dj mix recorded at le "Nouveau Casino", in Paris, in September 2006. It was the "Back in Black" party, with Konrad Black.
Listen the mix, here.

NEWS - Sex Schon & Scratch Massive

Nicolas Borne and Pierre-Yves Casanova are on the Scratch Massive's "TIME" album. they mixed and produced it with them.
Sex Schon appears on several projects before this, some remixes for Sao Paris, Bermuda Triangle, The Replicants, some mixes for Think Twice,Play Paul and John Lord Fonda. After their Ep for F.U!, they are preparing a new one with their singer Sam Amant.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Scratch Massive Road Movie Episode 1

Madrid- Spain-October 5th - 2006
With Maud, Sebastien, el Gràn Luis, Thierry, Bruno and the dancers.
Nature Club ,full of people.
Catalytic Booking Agency.Watch the episode,here.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Seeing is believing

This video music was shot in 2003 for the first album of the Scratch Massive "Enemy and Lovers". It was directed by the french director Thierry Poiraud. The main thing of this video was to use the 80's three dimensions glasses. With them, you will be able to see the flux travelling this after party and those teenagers, where looking forward it to find their soul. Watch the
music video.

Scratch Massive Dj Mix @ Tel Aviv

Dj mix recorded in Tel aviv, in july 2006. It was located on the beach for the "White Night Party".
Listen the mix, here.

The Bunny Dancer

This video was shot in New York this summer 2006 during the PS1 session in Queens.
it was this bunny dancer, totally into the music.enjoy.
Watch the video.

Rather Be Live

This video was recorded in september 2003, at le Nouveau Casino, in Paris, France.
It was directed by Guillaume Otzenberger aka Videogotz.
its a live version of "Rather be " a remix that Scratch Massive did for CrowdPleaser & St Plomb, from Mental Groove Records.
Watch the live video.

Silent Movie/Cinemix - Documentary

Documentary from a french national cable channel, in 2003. It was following a performance that Scratch Massive did on two Silent Movies, in Paris. The concept of the performance was to re-create a new soundtrack on Noel Renard's "Balancoires" and Jean Epstein's"La glace à trois faces" . Directed by Stefff Gotkovski. Words by Xavier Berthet.
Watch, video

Iltalehti -Advertisement-Part 1

Iltallehti,newsweek from Scandinavia, choose "Keep on workin", from the Scratch Massive, track who appears on the debut's album "Enemy&lovers".
This advertisement's campain started in the year 2004.
Watch the commercial video.

Iltalehti -Advertisement-Part 2

Part 2, of a series of 3.
Watch the commercial video.

Iltalehti -Advertisement-Part 3

Part 3 of a series of 3.
Watch the commercial video.

Scratch Massive Dj Mix @ APT - NYC

Dj set recorded at Apt Club in NYC, in December 2004. It was the beginning of the night where the crows were not falling in the dj booth.
Listen the mix, here..


An exclusive soundtrack especially made for a teaser in the chanel haute-couture dvd.Music by Scratch Massive.
Watch the commercial video.

Wolksvagen - Dresden

This is a and advertising video for Wolksvagen, in the Dresden's mother factory. Karl Lagarfeld was shooting the new Volkswagen T1000. Pif Letué was charged to shoot the making of this shooting session. he decided to us the security camera and to split the screen in four parts. Scratch Massive did the sound design and the atmosfear of it.This video was shot in 2004.
Watch the video.

2003: A summer in pictures

This is a video resume of our summer 2003. It was during the "Enemy&Lovers" tour.. Directed by Xavier.Music by Harvey Smithfield
Watch the video.

Seeing is believing live on french TV

Traffic Music is a live music tv show hosted by Guillaume Durand, on the first public national tv broadcast channel, in France.
Scratch Massive was invited to perform their track "Seeing is believing".
This tv show was recorded in december 2002.
Watch the live video.