Friday, November 10, 2006

New Single - Shining in my vein

“Shining in my vein” is the first single of Scratch Massive's second album : TIME.
Dark and tortured, mid tempo, this track contains all the energy of a dancefloor track.
Vocal and guitar by Frank Arbaretaz who were singing on their hit “Make it high”.
Comes with the original, two remixes. On the A side, the famous belgian producers and remixers Spirit Catcher for an “Human League's style” version. On the B side, you will find the “Manthraxx remix”. Behind this name, Oliver Spencer,who were doing a lot of productions under the name of Mr Negative, deep and dark, with some reminescence of the Lil' Louis French Kiss track.”Shining in my vein” got his mastering by Moritz von Oswald.Release date : December 4th, 2006.
label: Chateaurouge/Syncrophone.
Listen the original mix, here.
Listen the Spirit Catcher mix, here.
Listen the Manthraxx mix, here.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Scratch Massive Dj Mix @ Roma - Italia

Dj mix recorded at Roma, in the October 15th, 2006.
Listen the mix, here.

News - TIME's Distribution

After signing a license deal with Nocturne for France, Chateaurouge's TIME will be distributed by Kompakt distribution for the rest of the world. it will be release february, 5th, 2007.

Swen Vebber - "First Stroke" S.M Remix

Update Mag: John Acquaviva received this fat slab of minimalism as a promo without any info on what it was called or who the artist was, but every time he played it people would always ask what it was. So eventually he took it to Craft Music, and they tracked it down to Swen Webber, who promptly agreed to do a deal. So now the addictive synthetic bass led “First Stroke” is getting a fully fledged release, with the added bonus of remixes from Scratch Massive and Oliver Moldan.
Listen the Scratch Massive's Remix, here.

NEWS - Moritz Von Oswald & SM

Moritz Von Oswald is on the Scratch Massive's new album as sound engineer, for the mastering.
he just finished the mastering of the album and his singles, in Berlin. The result of it is super great, honnestly, when a dude like this touch something about the sound, we kind of all known, that it couldn t be bad... Big respect..More info soon...