Saturday, April 12, 2008


Scratch Massive bring their new, innovative project into the forefront by embracing the frontiers between music and image in this 53 mn must see using musical mastering and visual force.
As watch it, you feel it vibrating through your whole body.
The vision for this DVD was inspired by a special creation last spring for LE GEODE, the huge panoramic screen theater in Paris where beautiful live music by Scratch Massive and Plaid (Warp Records UK) mixed with experimental visuals created by their video directors made for a simply amazing collaboration.
This inspired and hugely successful live show gave Scratch Massive the motivation to push even further to release this mature and magnificent concept on a dvd where the watcher / listener can dive in the heart of this intense and large live experience.
CD/DVD Box Set will be in store on the April,14th,2008.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Scratch Massive Dj Mix - Eastern Promises

New dj mix recorded this April, after a gig in Barcelona, at some friend's after party.
Deep, dark and tortured.Enjoy and play it loud.
Listen the mix, here.

Comité Central - Scratch Massive Remix

Morts aux Jeunes and his Comité Central did a cover of Horny, from Mousse T.
They asked Scratch Massive to do a remix of their track, called Comité Central Feat fakemannequin - Horny '08.
Listen the Remix, here.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Asia Argento - Scratch Massive Remix

Refuge Records will published in this spring some tracks of Asia Argento.One of them called "Someone" has been remixed by Scratch Massive.
It will be released on Refuge Records / Milan Records.
Listen the Remix, here.